The Think Shop | branding & identity
Logo/Icon : Allison Poweleit
Supporting Graphics : Allison Poweleit
Creative Direction : Rob Sudduth

Ashley Builders is a custom builder focusing on custom homes, townhomes, and renovations in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods. With over 40 years of experience, Ashley Builders possess the knowledge and expertise to make their projects a success. Ashley Builders has developed a customer first team approach, from the initial project development to completion; unmatched in the industry because Ashley believes that focusing on customer service achieves the best results for clients.

The clients request was for a full rebrand of the company while still holding onto the equity of their previous logo. The A, which was the most iconic aspect of the previous logo, was broken away from the name and altered to a more sophisticated and timeless mark and paired with a san serif typeface.

Rubber Stamp MockUp2.jpg
Business Card Mockup 15 (Free Version).jpg
A4 Paper PSD MockUp.jpg