Student Work | BFA Visual Communication Design | Senior Exhibition

Traveling and coffee are two things in life that I value and enjoy. Travel opens up so many doors for your mind and your heart, both of which are very important for an artist. Coffee can bring people together and create connections. Coffee shops create an environment and culture that truly is an experience in itself. I love the type of enjoyment you get when you immerse yourself in the world of coffee and also the world in which coffee grows. Coffee is something that almost everyone loves or has a connection to and traveling is something I deem very important and believe everyone should experience. 

Travel Grounds is a unique approach to the coffee shop culture. Travel Grounds believes in the value of connections, adventure, and the endless opportunities that come with both. I wanted to bring both coffee and traveling together to show that they have more in common than you may realize. The goal is for people and the community to learn about the coffee they love and enjoy and inspire them to explore the world that we live in.