(noun) a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.
(verb) desire or be curious to know something • OR • to feel admiration and amazement; marvel.

While the name directly refers to my weaving designs, I personally feel a connection to it through how I treat all my design work - everything I do is woven together to hopefully bring surprise, curiosity, and a feeling of admiration/amazement. As a follower of Jesus and strong passion for people and connections, the words "woven in wonder" also have a special meaning to how we are all created in such wonder of the eyes of the Lord. Pretty freaking cool, huh?


So, say hello to Woven In Wonder:

My love for creating weavings and fringe wall hangings developed in late 2017. I have grown to adore the texture that comes from weaving and how that can be placed into a home as beautiful eye-catching decor for added warmth and color. I am constantly challenging myself to learn different techniques so I can improve my technique and bring my my own style to my work.

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If you are interested in a custom piece please email me at allisonpoweleit.art@gmail.com.